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Our comparable metrics enable you to make informed, successful marketing decisions and maximise your impact in the world of gaming.

Structured Data

GEEIQ tracks all of the leading opportunities in gaming. We structure and enrich these profiles showing how they affect the wider gaming and esports ecosystems.

Social Following

GEEIQ provides a breakdown of each opportunity’s social media following over the past 6 months, allowing you to evaluate the current relevance of an opportunity, or identify fast-growing potential partners.

Social Engagement

GEEIQ’s engagement analytics paints a detailed picture of each opportunity and shows the extent to which a team or influencer is able to generate interactivity on branded and regular content.

Live-stream Viewership

From tournaments to influencers’ regular broadcasts, viewership is another important indicator of popularity and the potential fan engagement of a partner in esports and gaming. GEEIQ provides daily peak and average viewership of opportunities, across various streaming platforms.


Tracking and curating all the latest and top-performing branded content and collaborations from influencers, esports teams and games.


GEEIQ monitors all esports team sponsorships from 2012 to the present day, and tournament sponsorships of major and premier events.

All partnerships can be searched for by brand and industry category, allowing you to keep an eye on your competitors’ partnership strategies.

Audience Demographics

All opportunity profiles are enriched with audience demographics, along with comparisons against the platform average.

Demographics can be searched for and filtered, which means your brand can identify your target audience within global gaming communities.

News & Insights

GEEIQ aggregates daily industry news into one place so you stay informed on important industry trends and movements.

We also regularly create our own insights and resources that help you understand the gaming and esports industries, enabling your brand to stay ahead.

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