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Digest metrics from across the metaverse, including gaming and NFTs, to make data-led marketing decisions that maximise results.

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New feature: Branded NFTs

Our latest feature enables you to see what’s working and what’s not in the noisy world of branded NFTs; empowering brands like yours to develop data-driven NFT strategies that benchmark against competitors, target the right audiences, stay true to your brand identity, and build communities around your offering.

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Our platform

Tracking all the leading metaverse opportunities.


Structured data

Our structured and searchable data tracks all leading opportunities within gaming and the Metaverse, helping brands choose the right partner for their campaign. We collate information on over 250,000 influencers, esports teams, events and games to provide clients with easily comparable performance stats and unique audience insights.


Search and filter

GEEIQ’s platform filters through huge amounts of data in seconds to find the optimal partners specific to your needs. With our advanced search function, clients can compare and contrast between eight different criteria, including location, followers, demographics and engagement rates, to find the best partners for current or future projects.


Social following

We track social media following and growth to provide clients with a clear picture of a potential partner’s current and future potential reach. GEEIQ breaks down social following according to platform across adjustable time frames, allowing clients to accurately identify where partners have the largest presence.


Social engagement

Our social engagement data adds another dimension to social following, painting a detailed picture of a potential partner’s ability to command attention and activity from fans. We track engagement rates across Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and previous branded campaigns to help clients identify the right entity for maximum impact.


Live stream viewership

Live streaming provides a direct, personal link between fans and creators, with viewership acting as an important indicator for the popularity of a potential partner. GEEIQ tracks weekly peak and average viewing data across platforms like Twitch and Youtube Gaming, as well the audience watch share of the games being broadcast.



Tracking and curating all the latest and top-performing branded content and collaborations from influencers, esports teams and games. Use our Brand Activity Feature to review all campaigns in the industry you’re interested in drawing insights from.



GEEIQ monitors all esports team sponsorships from 2012 to the present day, and tournament sponsorships of major and premier events. All partnerships can be searched for by brand and industry category, allowing you to keep an eye on your competitors’ partnership strategies.



With our Leaderboards feature, tailor the data to create a clear picture of performance in the gaming & esports industry. Use Leaderboards to benchmark your organisation against competitors, review the performance of brands in the Metaverse by category, identify suitable content creators and esports teams for your company, and much more.



Use our Lists feature to keep track of profiles and campaigns you want to review. Aggregate data relevant for your organisation to conduct large-scale analyses, such as differences in overall engagement and demographics. Lists can be shared between team members, making collaboration simple.


Audience demographics

Along with our search and filter functions, GEEIQ provides refined demographic data across gender, age, estimated income and location to help brands identify target audiences and communities from over 2 billion gamers worldwide. Whether it's in competitive esports, Metaverse streaming or more casual gaming, we help brands locate the right audience for their campaigns.


Branded NFTs

Our new Branded NFTs feature empowers brands to cut through the noise in the crowded space of NFTs. With a birds-eye-view of this rapidly changing landscape, your brand can assess what's working and what isn't on a global scale. From developing NFT strategies that benchmark against competitors, to targeting the right audiences in the right place, this feature ensures that strategies are data-led and brand identities are adhered to.


Profile Affinity

Our new Profile Affinity feature enables you to deep-dive into a specific brand audience; who else do they follow and what content do they engage with? Split between People, Games, and Teams, this feature empowers brands to identify potential key partners and to adapt virtual strategies against an audience's affinities, through a simple, digestible graph.


News & Insights

GEEIQ keeps subscribers up to date with industry-related news from 12 news sources, updated daily, as well as highlighting any specific partner news on their profile. From insights on the latest gaming trends, to demystifying the metaverse, we help brands keep one step ahead in a fast-moving industry.