Enterprise subscribers are supported from inception to execution with specialist GEEIQ expertise. Gain data-led insights and get connected with the right partners to create long-term virtual strategies that stay relevant.


We're not an agency, we're a data platform. But for Enterprise subscribers, we're more. We help to define strategy, engage new environments, and provide structure to brand engagement in the metaverse.


Establish the foundation

We always start with 'why?'. Why do you want to activate in the metaverse and what are your objectives? We consider your requirements and resources to create a secure footing for activation, weaving nuanced elements like genre and PEGI ratings into the foundation of the project.


Identify opportunity

With the foundation established, we identify shortlists of potential partners, campaigns, brand activations and virtual environments through our platform of over 150,000 profiles and our virtual expertise.


Intros, first pitches and negotiations

We connect with shortlisted profiles for you, making relevant introductions and sharing potential partners - all underpinned by data that's specific to your brand identity and objectives.


Campaign ideation

We work closely with you to develop creative campaigns that align with the data and your brand while liaising with shortlists for their own insight and creative input.


Campaign and partner finalisation

With final creative pitches in place, we give the green light to the chosen partners and partnership deals.