Virtual strategies from inception to execution.

We're not an agency, we're a data platform.

Gain data-led insights to create long-term virtual strategies that stay relevant.

But for Enterprise subscribers, we're so much more.

We help define strategy, engage new environments, and provide structure to brand activations in the metaverse.

Access a team of data and virtual strategy experts.

Enterprise subscribers are supported from inception to execution with our specialist GEEIQ expertise.

Enterprise subscribers

Enterprise activations

GEEIQ's Enterprise subscribers have created some of the biggest branded experiences across the metaverse's most popular virtual environments. Here's some of their work.

Enterprise subscribers

How does it work?

We start with 'why?'

Why do you want to activate in this space? Understanding your objectives creates a solid foundation for your virtual strategy.

Identify opportunity

With the foundation set we identify partners, campaigns, activations and environments through our platform's 150,000 profiles.

Making connections

We connect you with shortlisted profiles and potential partners, underpinned by data that's specific to your identity and objectives.

Ideation to launch

We work with brands to develop creative campaigns, and with final pitches in place, we give the green light to chosen partners for launch.

Enterprise subscribers

We're on your team

For our Enterprise subscribers, we provide a dedicated team of in-house experts to help realise your brand's virtual potential. From partner identification and competitor analysis to in-game economics and measuring results, we've got you covered.

Account Director

Barney heads up one of our Enterprise teams, working with Heineken and Walmart to carve out their virtual strategies for 2023 and beyond. He recently helped make Elton John's ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ the number-one concert in Roblox history.

Account Manager

Carolina's work with Porsche, Armani Beauty and H&M has resulted in virtual activations across environments like Fortnite and Roblox. We work with Enterprise subscribers from inception to execution, with bespoke reporting and unlimited platform access.

Account Executive

Salma is currently working with L'Oreal Group to help develop their long-term, data-led metaverse strategy. Most recently, she sat down with Vogue Business to discuss her deep-dive report into fashion and luxury brand activations in Roblox.