Tommy Hilfigher

The challenge

In 2022, when Tommy Hilfiger launched its first virtual experience, Tommy Play, it tapped Roblox as the perfect environment in which to reach some of the world’s 3.2 million video gamers. The brand’s Roblox strategy, which leverages GEEIQ’s data and expertise, continues to reach new audiences.

But when it came to reaching high profile gamers and content creators, the brand needed a different strategy.

The solution

Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t see cultural identity through the lens of demographic cohorts like ‘Gen Z’ or ‘Millennials’. So instead of focusing on the most popular gamers, the brand sought out niche gamers with a high growth trajectory and an established reputation within their respective communities.

To do this, the brand tapped GEEIQ to identify eight high-growth creators across key markets (Australia, France, Germany, South Korea, UK, and US) to collaborate with, and advocate for, Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans.

Enabling the brand to meet gamers in their native environment, Team Tommy hosts weekly streams on Twitch – a channel the brand recently launched on to expand their presence within these communities.

The result

Based on GEEIQ demographics data, Tommy Hilfiger was able to identify gamers that had 1.57x more female followers, as well as younger audiences, than average.

While the members of Team Tommy are geographically dispersed, their audiences are also dispersed across games; from Genshin Impact and Minecraft, to Grand Theft Auto and Valorant.

This aligns with the brand’s strategy that ensures the widest possible reach without needing to commit to a physical in-game presence.

With the ability to reach over 5.26 million fans globally, and over 1.25 million users on Twitch, Tommy Hilfiger sees Team Tommy as a long-term investment.

“We’ve never done anything like this before. Not only is this an exciting step for us as we enter the metaverse, but we’re connecting with and building relationships with a whole new group of fans and customers. I’m excited to learn from these creative individuals and explore more of their intricate gaming world.”

Tommy Hilfigher


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