The challenge

As a data-led, insights-driven company, SPORTFIVE is always eager to explore untapped areas within the digital space. Keen to invest more in Web3, creator, and influencer-led environments, SPORTFIVE was lacking a user-friendly tool to identify opportunities in this space.

The solution

After extensive research, SPORTFIVE identified GEEIQ as its solution. GEEIQ’s simplified perspective of virtual spaces, extensive coverage of both social and Web3 data, and its hand-on support accelerated SPORTFIVE’s understanding of the space.

The result

As an international business, SPORTFIVE is leveraging GEEIQ’s platform and data from the US and Europe, to China and Japan, with every SPORTFIVE Sales and Rightsholder Manager using the tool globally.

GEEIQ is enabling SPORTFIVE to make more strategic business decisions, offering the ability to explore new territories and the landscape for potential market entries. The platform has also enabled SPORTFIVE to monitor engagement and virtual activities around its rights holders and the content creators it’s working with.

Ultimately, the GEEIQ platform is providing SPORTFIVE with data intelligence that’s better equipping its teams for success – from providing Sales with insights, to preparing for pitch projects. GEEIQ is providing SPORTFIVE with a better understanding of the vast expanse that is Web3, gaming and esports.

“At SPORTFIVE, we see GEEIQ as the destination to provide deep insights in areas such as social media and Web3. The platform collects information from across the web, providing us with user-friendly and easy to digest information. Field experts provide commentary on insights to enlighten brands and agencies in understanding their assets, as well as the evolving digital environments of today.”

Çağatay Çankaya

Global Esports & Gaming Manager

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