H & M

The challenge

When unpacking the success behind a branded Roblox experience, the event sidebar is a logical place to start. But this promotional feature, which has helped to make some of Roblox’s biggest brand activations, was scrapped by the virtual gaming giant in early 2023.

From traditional media buying and homepage takeovers, to free UGC items and in-experience portals, brands like H&M now have to get a little more creative when it comes to activating in Roblox. So, how did they do it?

The solution

Launching in January 2023, clothing brand H&M created a permanent, branded experience, Loooptopia. Spread across four themed areas, users are able to collect raw elements that can be combined to create thousands of unique, in-game items, as well as trade with friends and recycle old clothes to earn new, rare elements.

In its first month, engagement lagged behind similar activations, with minimal promotion and no sidebar to feature in. But one month in, as Loooptopia dropped a collection of UGC items (user-generated content), interest in H&M’s activation skyrocketed.

The result

So, how did free UGC items impact Loooptopia? The most popular item, a puffer jacket, was claimed by over 690,000 users. Furthermore, the visit growth rate following the week of its release increased by more than 10% when compared to the previous period.

In addition to the UGC launches, H&M has simultaneously ramped up its partnerships on Roblox to drive more visits to, and engagements with, Loooptopia.

The success of this strategy is clear. The brand spent the first month of Loooptopia’s existence optimising the experience and focusing on enrichment of the Roblox community, namely through user-generated content – and it seems to have paid off.

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