Elton John

The challenge

Elton John sought a digital space in which he could preserve his legacy far beyond his farewell tour and real-world retirement while bridging the generational divide through his music and timeless fashion. The challenge was to bring Elton’s life and music to a platform where the majority of users would not be familiar with either.

The solution

To help realise his vision, Elton John and Universal Music Group tapped GEEIQ’s platform and expertise to help create ‘Elton John Presents: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’, a persistent Roblox experience that would include music, digital wearables and interactive challenges for players of every age.

Ensuring that user enrichment, the Roblox community, and data-led decision making were at the heart of this landmark strategy and activation, GEEIQ enabled the team to identify the right influencers to amplify the experience. This included working with the most consistently performing UGC creators in Roblox across a variety of categories including clothing, eyewear, hats, and accessories.

GEEIQ also helped develop the in-game economy and merchandise strategy, creating an engaging player loop that incentivises repeat visits and extended time spent in the experience.

The result

Across its opening weekend Roblox users were able to watch a digital Elton John perform his biggest hits in a virtual concert, every hour, on the hour. As a persistent experience, visitors can continue to access the world today, where they can try out his most iconic outfits as well as shop the full collection of items.

Elton John’s experience marked the biggest community-led experience in Roblox history, with over 20 UGC creators building assets. As of August 2023, ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ has accrued over 2.6 million visits, with an average engagement time of eight minutes per session. It remains the highest-rated concert in Roblox history, and the ‘Heart Skip’ emote became the best-selling branded emote on the platform.

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