The challenge

90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store, but how does that translate to the virtual world? 

When Walmart was looking to enhance its Roblox presence, its team knew their new approach needed to prioritize player experiences, be authentic to the brand and deliver unique value. They wanted to boost brand reach, engage their target market and position Walmart as a digital destination for the long term. To do this, Walmart needed to equip its team with cross-channel data that would allow them to measure and attribute their experience’s success on Roblox. That’s where GEEIQ came in.

The solution

Walmart partnered with GEEIQ to leverage the platform’s competitor analysis, player insight and UGC creator tools. GEEIQ’s team helped identify what in-game items were most popular every week. The goal was to understand the opportunity for Walmart within Roblox and put the Roblox community at the heart of Walmart’s virtual strategy.

What emerged from this was Walmart Discovered.

Walmart Discovered isn’t just a game. It’s a utility-based experience. The experience is inspired by Walmart’s real-world promise to its customers to help them “find their thing”, both in-store and online. The manifestation of this on Roblox is anchored in a utility-based activation, delivering a better discovery experience for the things that matter the most to users on the platform.

So, how does it work?

Rather than using traditional game loops, it helps players discover popular Roblox experiences and UGC items from more than 350+ content creators. Players vote for their favorite UGC items and new experiences, democratizing access to these and empowering smaller independent creators by providing them with a platform to showcase their work. 

The GEEIQ platform provided Walmart with a tool and team of experts to help find top creators and gauge its audiences’ reception to different in-game updates. They could now easily access their private sales data, ROI and audience demographics. This allowed their team to remain agile and allocate resources towards initiatives that were boosting engagement, retention and loyalty. Walmart’s Roblox strategy became more reactive and resource-effective.

The result

So, how did free UGC items impact Loooptopia? The most popular item, a puffer jacket, was claimed by over 690,000 users. Furthermore, the visit growth rate following the week of its release increased by more than 10% when compared to the previous period.

In addition to the UGC launches, H&M has simultaneously ramped up its partnerships on Roblox to drive more visits to, and engagements with, Loooptopia.

The success of this strategy is clear. The brand spent the first month of Loooptopia’s existence optimising the experience and focusing on enrichment of the Roblox community, namely through user-generated content – and it seems to have paid off.

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